The Troost Market Collective is a non-profit organization hosting artists, makers, and innovators.  Through community collaboration, we aim to develop programming, host events and classes, and provide resources vital to the growth of creative entrepreneurs.

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who we are

Troost Market Collective aims to develop an experience that is “uniquely Kansas City,” a catalyst project representative of our diverse landscape of people, talents, and passions.  Troost Market Collective will be a driver of new development for the east side and trigger a resurgence of economic activity and community pride.

Located on the Historic Troost Corridor, Troost Market Collective will revitalize an area plagued by decades of divestment, working with the community to breath new life into what was once the most vibrant boulevard in the history of our city.




The Troost Market Collective is a Non- Pro t 501(c)(3), grassroots arts initiative operating in an Historically significant corridor of Kansas City.  

Our mission is to create inspired and beneficial spaces used for expression and innovation; engaging the community with opportunity.  

We envision a bustling community hub where creators create, minds innovate, and neighbors meet.




1.  Provide opportunity and resources for creative entrepreneurs;

2.  Revitalize Troost with a vibrant hub; and

3.  Engage and support the community.



Troost Market Collective will provide annual programming for members and the community, examples might include:

  1. Community Outreach Programs

  2. Comprehensive PR & Marketing including social media promotion

  3. Enrichment for entrepreneurs in the arts

  4. Festivals

  5. Maker Classes

  6. DIY Pop-Ups by Members

  7. Concerts

  8. Food Truck Cook-Offs

  9. Maker Enrichment

  10. Astronomy Viewings